What kind of Search Engine is it?
It is a Search Engine, respectively a Web directory with partially free and partially paid services. Webmaster and Internet vendors can register their page for free. In order to give your page an attractive position or to list it in a top position, we offer additional options, as. e.g., to place your registration with /images/screenshots of your Home Page right besides your insertion.

What are power ads?
For a rather restrictive number of sponsors, we offer some kind of advertisement of the superlatives. Sponsors can simultaneously place banners in the header area (on the right side of the Logo), Web tip links on the start page, Web tip keyword banners in the Web catalog (footer) Web tip keyword banner in the search results (below), banner link registration in the catalog with a top ranking, high lighted links and also keyword ads on the rights side of the search results.

What are Web tips keyword ads?
With our Web tips keyword ads, we are able to show you banner targeted at search inquiries and at the category of your choice, containing a keyword. This means, when ever you book a keyword here with the name "Car", your banner appears every time a visitor is searching with the term "Car".

What are Keyword Ads?
Additionally to our Web tips keyword ads, we offer also a normal Keyword publicity within the search results, quite Similar to Google's Adwords options

When do you activate my link?
After a short verification, we proceed immediately to the activation. For commercial registrations, the links, the banner ad links etc.., are activated after receipt of payment:

Can I modify my insertions or link positions?
Yes, please enter a password together with your link registration. Later on, you can modify your link data any time.